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Register Me:

If you are an experienced model railroader, knowledgeable with DCC, associated electronics, or familiar with operating on large model railroads in any Scale, you are invited to register your interest in becoming a regular Casual Engineer.
Complete the form below and place STAFF in the Enquiry Box.



Note:  Public Open Days (non operations) will be conducted throughout the year.    On these days, the UPMRR will be operated by our Railroad Staff.  Check the Calendar for details.


Operating Options:


$ 110.00  Per Person (Half Day)    AM Session  10.00am to 1.00pm   OR  PM Session  2.00pm to 5.00pm  (3 hour sessions)


$ 185.00  Per Person (Full Day)     AM Session  10.00am to 1.00pm   +  PM Session  2.00pm to 5.00pm  (6 hour session)
The minimum age for Operators is fifteen (15) and only booked operators (max. 20) are admitted on Operation Days!


Accommodation Option:   For availability and seperate booking, contact


$ 100.00   Per Person for one night's accommodation, including Dinner and Breakfast,  at the historic, Loaded Dog Hotel.
                (Note:  subject to availability)
Public Open Days: Check the Booking Calendar.  Entrance Fee is $20.00 for Adults, plus $5.00 for Children payable upon entry.  Thank you!
The UPMRR is NOT open to the Public outside of Open Days!
   Union Pacific Model Railroad Operating Engineers Group - Membership Criteria:
           -  Three half day casual visits within a year, entitles membership. Subsequent casual half day visits cost $75.00
           -  Six casual visits within a year, attains a Union Pacific Model Railroad Engineers Cap with a numbered badge!
           -  UPMRR Operating Members can register as Railroad Staff to operate on Open Days and Operating Days
           -  Railroad Staff will be remunerated for their services on those days.


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